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Desktop shuts down constantly

My intel destop with an i7 chip shuts down after 2 mins what do I do? What could be the problem?

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Darrell Sheetz, your "chip shuts down" or your computer shuts down? Checked your CPU fan and your PSU yet? What model is your desktop?

- de

From the information provided it sounds like either a voltage issue or a heat problem. Don't be offended if I ask about your Hardware skill level.

Needed Information:

Can you access BIOS before system powers down?

Have you visually verified that all the cooling fans are rotating at full speed and are not "gummed up" or not spinning? (there should be at least 2 or more cooling fans in your system. One in the power supply, One mounted either on or near your CPU. Maybe one on your Motherboard's chipset, Maybe one on your video card. Maybe one or more mounted on your CPU Case. There may be others I haven't mentioned.)

Do you have a multimeter and know how to check voltages?

If you can provide this information I may be able to help you narrow down the problem.

- de

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It could be more things.

If you haven't activated windows or you ran out of trial days it shuts down the pc every 30 mins.

If your CPU fan is disconnected/no thermal paste then your CPU is overheating and it shuts the system down so it won't burn.

Maybe the Power supply has some burnt wires

Maybe your RAM stops

Maybe your hardrive stops

Maybe the motherboard is dying

Maybe you didn't connect the power supply cables/not plugged correctly into wall

Maybe the wall plug isn't good

And so on...

Just check eevrything if you built your own system if not don't be afraid to go to a pc store and have them fix it for you

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