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La más grande de las computadoras portátiles MacBook Air de Apple con micrófonos duales y conectividad Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

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Will not turn on.

My MacBook Air Mid 2013 was working great the previous evening, then the next morning it would not power on. I plugged in a new power cord - nothing. Replaced the I/O board, nothing. Does this narrow it down to the logic board?

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Can you tell us if the system was running hot (playing online games)? Also if the MagSafe connector LED is Green or Orange when you have it plugged in?

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No it was working perfectly the night before it stopped working. The MagSafe connector LED did not turn on at all. I thought it would be the I/O card. But I replaced it and I still have no power and the MagSafe light still will not turn on.

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At this point I think you need to try a second AC adapter as your's could be bad.

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Thanks for the suggestion Dan. I took it to Best Buy tonight to have them check one of their adaptors. No luck. what do you think?

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Please give us all the symptoms it has, any lights, or sounds. Any repair history, any spills or time when it was out of your possession.

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When you plug in the MagSafe adapter does the LED light come on at all? If not try unplugging the battery and then plugging in the adapter then plug back in the battery and see if the computer boots. It could be the power button on the keyboard if the battery is good and charging.

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thank you for the suggestion. The LED light does not come on at all. I attempted unplugging the battery and then plugging the adaptor back in - nothing. I even went to BestBuy to have them check one of their plugs. No luck. What do you think?

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