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Lanzada en 2011, la Oster Blend-N-Go My Blend es una licuadora de bebidas. Su número de modelo es BLSTPB-XXX-000, donde el "XXX" varía con el color del dispositivo.

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Why is smoothie leaking into the base of the blender?

Every time I make a smoothie liquid leaks into the base of the blender? What should I do?

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This problem can have a few sources. Either the seal is damaged in the blade assembly, the bottle is cracked, or the blade assembly is cracked and requires a replacement. For more detailed answers visit the Oster Blend-N-Go My Blend troubleshooting page: Oster Blend-N-Go My Blend Troubleshooting

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The bladepart attached to lower part that fit into motor is moving with the result it leaks The motor makes an loud hoarse sound Please help

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I have a very old Osterizer Blender, perhaps sixty to seventy years old, one speed, beehive style, with an actual stainless steel jar. It still works fine. But, I also had problems some time ago, with leakage of liquids at the bottom, and down into the motor. At one point, yes, noise, and something that seemed like an electric short within the motor/cord assembly. The unit came apart fairly easily with simple tools, I removed the armature (it spins within the field coil), and lightly sanded with an emery cloth, the mating surface of the armature, note, lightly sand! I installed new gasket and blade (it has new seal), put is all back together and it works fine. All parts on Internet.

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