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iPhone 5S Stuck on Apple Logo

I recently repaired an iPhone 5S screen and everything worked fine for about a week. I then updated software to iOS 9 and the Apple Logo was stuck on the screen. I tried restoring it but there was an error. I also tried DFU mode and that did not work either. I then opened the phone and disconnected the proximity sensor cable and the phone turned on and worked fine. I plugged the proximity sensor in while the phone was still on and everything worked normal until I restarted it and the same issue occurred so I unplugged the proximity sensor cable again. The phone then turned on normal without the proximity sensor connected so I knew this was the issue.

I've had this issue before with other phones with the same exact scenario and was wondering why some proximity sensor cables put the phone into recovery mode. I have located and fixed the problem but was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue? Is there a way to fix this issue or test these proximity sensor cables before putting the phone back together? Thanks for your responses!

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I Have That Problem To But I Fixed It By Doing This Step!

Charge Your Iphone Then Hold Power Button And Home Button Then While Its On Apple Logo Boot

Just Take Off Your Charger.

I Hope It Works!

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Was this after you replaced the screen on your iPhone?


Nope It Happens When My Iphone Over Charge Or Crashed


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