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El LG G Watch R es un reloj inteligente fabricado por LG que incluye muchas funciones de un teléfono inteligente y una pantalla de c´rculo completo P-OLED.

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Why won't my watch stay charged?

After charging the watch to full capacity and taking it off of the charging cradle, it ends up dying only a few hours later. Why won't it stay charged longer?

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To increase battery life, go to the settings on your Lg Watch R and bring down the brightness.

Also, the watch has a setting in which it constantly stays on, to show you the time. This will drastically reduce your battery life, you will definitely see a change when you turn off the "Always On" setting.

Lastly, the watch has the capability of using Bluetooth, try turning this off.

If the watch continues to die before the end of the day, you might have a faulty battery. You can find instructions on how to replace your battery in this guide or you can visit the troubleshooting page for more information.

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