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02 jaguar xtype 3.0 awd Gear box fault shows up

My 02 jaguar xtype 3.0 AWD sometimes on the dashboard the letters gear box fault show up what could it be and how could I fix it

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Alberto Castro, it may not be a transmission problem but can be an electronics problem. There have been reported issues with water entering the TCM, as well as transmission oil leaks causing the Gearbox Fault to show up. A Jaguar service tool will be necessary to scan the codes in the transmission control module to verify this. Check on here for more info.

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I've had this problem. The Jaguar dealership replaced the DSC module & 2 days later the DSC Fault returned. This was in the cold of the winter & the engine struggled to turn over.

Ended up replacing the battery & the DSC Fault hasn't returned. Hope this helps.

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My 2009 Jaguar XF will not start. Check engine light came on. At first my car started but I got a message... Gear Box Fault" . What does this mean??

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I have not direct experience of this but I have been told that this era of Jaguars need a strong battery to function correctly.

If your Jag would not start because of battery problems I would suggest healthy battery, fully charged would be a good start.

You don't mention your Jag's mileage.

I learned the hard way, with my xj8 that auto gearboxes need to be serviced despite Jaguar saying they are sealed for life.


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