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The HTC One SV is a sleek 4G LTE capable Android smartphone that combines great sounding Beats Audio™

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Can I replace the charging jack on my HTC One SV?

My charging jack has become loose and intermittent in its ability to maintain a good connection and this charge the battery. I've tried cleaning the jack and that has helped but I'm still thinking I may have to replace the jack. Do you know where I can order this?

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Hi Dave, you can replace the whole circuit board that the charging port is soldered on, or if you can solder you may be able to just replace or resolder the usb charging port connector onto the circuit board.

You can find these parts on numerous sites. I have linked a few sites that have the part/s to give you an idea.

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Hello Dave

Here you can my

Note: personally i don't know seller & i'm not responsible if received defective spares . upon your request i suggest a place to buy

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