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Loudspeakers problem on call

I have a problem with my loud speaker.

When I call people and talk through the phone speakers everything is good but when I switch to loud speakers, nobody can hear me and all they hear is loud noise not even close to person's talk.

I also tried to check the loud speaker and when I record an audio the sound is clear and it records my voice clearly.

what might be the problem?

Update (09/23/2015)

I just checked another thing.

the loud speaker option works fine on whatsapp call, which means the problem exist only in cellular phone calls.

plz help

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Hello Tsviel Zaikman ,

If you use phone pouch flip cover or cosmic protector just remove it and try again. galaxy S5 having special Noise reduction system using audio focusing technique and it is not limited to one mic such as a ordinary phone.

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I have removed the phone protector case but yet it doesn't work/


Go to Setting > Sound > Call > check off the Noise Reduction


its checked off already


Could you switch the phone to GSM mode and try. This kind of issue i have experienced in HD voice enabled network operators.


the phone is on wcdma/gsm mode auto select but if i switch to gsm only i lose connection to the 3g and the cellular network


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Hello. Did you solve this issue? I have the same problem with the loudspeaker noise during cellular, Watsapp and Viber calls. Thanks!

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