Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" tablet by Acer, with a 10.1" screen, 1 GHz dual-core NVIDIA processor and a 16 GB hard drive.

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Why is my tablet frozen on the Acer screen?

So a few days ago, out of nowhere, my tablet shut off and is frozen on the Acer screen. I already tried the reset and factory reset but it refuses to get off that screen!!! Pliss halp!!!

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i didn't no my password again


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Hold down on the power button and the volume down buttons for a 10 sec then do it again for another few seconds. Hope this helps

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I tried these combinations and this did not work. I got a green android character displayed on the screen with a rotating symbol on its front side. After this completed, the green android character ended up in its back with a exclamation point above him. I'm assuming this is not a good thing. I thought maybe replacing the board containing the ram may be the next thing. I did not see any guides for this here. Has anyone tried this? I'm assuming it's the main board. I appreciate any info.


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