no sound only during calls

the iPhone 5 has taken some heavy damage but it's still working fine, but when i make a call there is no sound. i can't hear the other side and the other side can't hear me, not even a dialling tone. i checked the earpice and the microphone with the voice memos app and it works fine, there is also good reception and i can surf the web and use other apps like Skype and whatsapp.

i did a little digging on the internet and some say the problem is the baseband chip U501_RF, is that true and if so how can IFIXIT?

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Hi nicolasphilippides

I figured it out. you will need to reflow the baseband chip. take the logic board out and with a hot air rework station heat the baseband chip. i used 350 degrees celsius with air pressure on 5 with a hakko station and 4.4 mm nozzle, heat the chip in a circular fashion for 30 seconds.

if that doesn't do the trick or if the problem reoccurs you will need to replace 3 chips as they are all paired:

1. Hynix H2JTDG2MBR (nand flash)

2. Qualcomm MDM9615 (baseband chip)

3. U601_RF (baseband memory)

which is not that simple so basically not really worth it on an iPhone 5 IMO. thats all the information you need, good luck.

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Thank you very much :)

I don't have a hot air rework station but I will try by putting the baseband under a lamp for some minutes as I did for the greyed wifi problem on a 4S.

Hope it will work :)


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Can you use the microphone and record things or did not work the game .Does music player through the speakers without a helmet. If all this work it may just be the Mic antenna. Here is a solution for it. hope this helps

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thanks Jimfixer

speakers and mic are working fine. recording, apps, music through the mic and everything but no sound on calls.

unlike the video the iPhone 5 chips are covered with metal casing, pressing on it doesn't work. should i unsolder the metal casing and try to reflow the baseband chip?


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I have exactly the same problem...

If someone can help us :)

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