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Why do I have to first unplug my computer to start

Before I can start my desktop must first unplug it till the motherboard light goes out , then I can plug it in and start the computer . Ive had this problem for several months on a computer thats used every day. Is my only recourse to replace the motherboard

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Does the computer post and then not come on or just do nothing at all no beep. It could be a couple of things . Power supply could be going bad or static discharge in the mother board

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It does not beep or anything when you turn on only does nothing. When you unplug it it makes a sound through the speakers like a pop then the light on the motherboard goes out and then it will start after you plug it in. It hen works fine

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I'm having the same issue. Could it be something with this new Windows 10? It seems that this issue started not long after I installed the new OS.

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My windows 10 was installed after it started this so it has nothing to do with windows 10 it may be for you but not for me

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Open up the computer and look at all the extra cables inside make sure there all neatly bundled away from any part of the case they may be shorting it out. Clean the dust out of the case and power supply . If this doesn't help change out the power supply

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This is not a hardware problem; it is too universal.

The same occurred to me after MS updated my Windows 10 OS.

Ive previously been using Win 10 for about 15 months without this issue.

Typical of MS; Every fix seems to create a new and different problem.

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