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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is a 10.5” Android tablet with a 2560x1600 pixel resolution, 16GB of storage, and 8.0MP camera. It is commonly used for academic, recreational, and business purposes. Model number: SM-T800NZWAXAR.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. The charging port is not working.

The charging port needs fixing. I have had to wriggle it to start it charging but now it's not charging at all. Can this be fixed easily? Is this an expensive thing to fix?

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Yes there are a number of how to videos on youtube. Don't get ripped off at a repair shop for something easy you can do yourself for under 20 bucks

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Gavin Dempsey, the charging port for your Galaxy Tab S comes on a flex that combines the USB Charging Port and the micro SD reader. Cost for that is around $10USD . Places like this as well as many others. Toughest part will be to get the back off. The first two minutes of this video will show you how to do that. The image shows the flex on the left side center.

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Do you know the part number for this item. I have never repaired and remotely similar and i want to be sure i order the right part.

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Samsung part number for that is GH59-13985A

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Thank you! I just replaced my battery thinking that ws the problem. It came at 62% charged so I know it's good but it still wouldn't charge. Ill try this.

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I replaced my charging port, but broke the connector to the motherboard. Anyone know if this is replaceable and/or where to find the replacement part?

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It can be replaced by microsoldering. When you find someone in your region, he should know where to get a part. I use donor boards for that

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