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La Canon EOS 7D fue la primera cámara profesional de gama alta de Canon con un sensor de recorte APS-C.

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Need to repair the back LED screen to my Canon 7D

The LED screen on the back of my Canon 7D is cracked and needs to be replaced but I cannot find anywhere that this is a fix similar to fixing a phone screen. It seems the only repair is to remove the back of the camera and replace the entire LED itself. Do you know if it is possible to remove the back LED and replace it like some of the other Canon cameras?

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Did you find a solution to this question? I have the same issue except that I think my LCD screen melted leaving it in a hot car... regardless, I need to replace it.

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lynsoup89, not quite sure what you are referring to. To replace the LCD, follow this video. The LCD is available at multiple places for around $20USD.

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Yes...that is the ONE and ONLY same video that I have seen before in a foreign language and they took off the back of the whole camera area! I was hoping it was more simple like just removing the LCD screen and replacing but doesn't seem so.

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