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La JVC Adixxion GC-XA1BU es una cámara de acción HD (videocámara) pequeña, liviana y de bolsillo con Wi-Fi integrado y una pantalla LCD de 1,5 pulgadas. Es resistente al agua hasta una profundidad de 16,4 pies, puede soportar una caída desde 6,5 pies y es resistente al polvo y al congelamiento.

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Where can I buy spare parts?

I cannot find any web site where to buy spare part.

Even if Google is my friend, i search deep but no success.

Can someone give some links ?

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If there are no parts from JVC, might be nice if someone started buying up broken ones, and then selling the working parts.... example, I have a perfectly good camera, except the display starts to break up when the camera gets warm.. nothing wrong with the display, must be a chip marginal chip or connection that is causing the problem

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Sorry according to manual, there are "NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE".

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Sadly even if you can find parts many times they are so high that the item you are trying to fix isn't worth it. I usually try to find a broken one on ebay or some place and use the parts out of it. Be sure to read what is wrong with the item though, and if in doubt ask the seller questions.

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