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The Blu Dash 5.0 Dual SIM D410 was released September 3 2013. Repairing this device is relatively complex and requires tools that have to be purchased.

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My internal speaker not working

I discovered that my new blue dash 5.0 internal speaker is not working I tried reboot and hard reset but nothing has worked please give me a solution soon

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There are two speaker inside you phone.

1)Receiver - You can here calling voice

2)Main speaker - Ringing and audio play back

Which one is not working?

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Okay when I make a call the person can't hear me but I can hear them. The voice search and recordings also doesn't work. If you have solutions please don't delay in getting back to me

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Hello Jody Ann Cockburn ,

it seems to be your phone's receiving speaker faulty, you can use hands free set to conform the fault.

Technically you can do the repair your self

Here you can find tear down guide

Check the receiving speakers impedance : Normal value between 6-33 ohms (General receiver- in good condition )

if beyond above value you can simply replace it

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