Released August 2013, identified by model number SM-T2105

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My son Shattered his Screen

My Son Shattered his screen. Can this be repaired?

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Brian Riley, yes it is . The complete screen is available at places like this. Since your tablet is a downscaled Galaxy Tab 7" I would proceed to repair it like that. Check these guides If it only the digitizer/glass that has cracked check this video

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I recently had a Stroke and I have dropped the unit many times.

Having it repaired can be quite expensive.

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You need to find a place that repairs screens on phones & tablets, they're out their just have to look. It can be repaired yes. I had my screen replaced for under $90.00 on my Samsung Galaxy S III, 4 G lite.

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Hey dufus! This is a DYI site. Show the guy HOW to fix it. Do the work if you're going to answer questions here or get flamed. Research it!


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