Why wont it turn on?

My birthday was last month and a family member bought me the Motorola Xoom Tablet. I had a bad history with electronics. My i pod five broke the month after i got it, and much more. Last night it was working well and this morning it would not turn on. I thought well the battery is probably dead. So i tried plugging it in and the light at the bottom to say it was charging, would not turn on. The charger was getting warm so the charger was working. So my next thought was Oh my god its broken. I was horrified because i have had it for less then a month, I have three siblings who like to play on it. If is say no to them they scream so they are always on the tablet. I thought one of them dropped it. So i was looking on the internet for a way to fix it. There was one thing that said hold the volume button and the power button together but that did not work. I need help please give me a fix.

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