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How to change a lamp on a LG projection TV

I need to replace the lamp on my 62SX4R-AB LG DLP projection TV . I need information on how to do it.

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Sorry, it's the 62SX4R-AB.


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Alberto, this should be it:"

1.Turn off the power on the remote control to STBY. In 3 minutes, press the power button to off on the front panel and unplug the power cord. (Allow the lamp to cool for 30 minutes before replacing it.)

2. Remove the 2 retaining screws on the lamp cover with a “+” type screwdriver then separate the lamp cover from the TV.

3. Remove the two retaining screws on the lamp case by using “-” type screwdriver.

4. Lift up the fixed wire knob on the lamp.

5. Pull out the knob slowly and remove the lamp case.

6. Insert the new lamp gently into the correct position. Make sure it is inserted correctly.

7. Tighten the screws you removed in step 3.

8. Replace the lamp cover and tighten the cover screws.

(If the lamp cover is open, the lamp indicator flashes green and the TV will not turn on.)

Note :

- Only use LG approved lamp replacement.

- Using incorrect type of lamp may cause damage to the TV or lamp.

- Make sure the lamp cover is securely fastened. If the lamp cover is open, the TV will not turn on.

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You must reset lamp time on the menu after replacing the lamp.

In some models, the lamp time may not be reset.

1. Press the OK or enter button on the front panel and MUTE button on the remote control simultaneously (About 5 seconds).

2. Press the VOLUME ( G) button.

3. Press the OK or enter button.

Lamp time will be reset.

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