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A tablet released by Hisense in 2014, identified by model number E2281.

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Sero 8 takes hours to charge will not hold charge

Tab will charge for 2 hours and be at 10:% or it will charge and when I used it for like 5 min itwil go o zero how much would it cost to fix the battery and charging port

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unless you have to move the charger around for it to say that it is charging, you will only have to replace the battery. The battery (at least for the Sero 7) is relatively complicated to replace. by that it needs to be soldered into place and likewise.

hope i could help

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Thx so much for your help!

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would like to know the approx. cost to replace the battery in a sero7 tablet

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I would suggest saving time and money by buying a new tablet from a more reputable manufacturer. Hisense isn't getting any awards for helping customers with this problem

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Thanks for your insight

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Why you have to be hating on Hisense? You get what you pay for. You didn't think you were getting an Apple iPad. My guess is you're one of those Trump supporters who complains about immigrants taking jobs from Americans, jobs you wouldn't do anyway.

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"You get what you paid for" yeah dude that's the problem you're not even getting the basic of what you're paying for. I understand it's not a top notch product but atleast it could deliver on the barely there promises it puts forth. I'm a student and I couldn't afford another good brand tablet after my trusted one of several years decided to die. But giving the simple needs I needed a replacement tablet for, at a comfortable price I bought the sero 8. At this point it's the best I can afford as a student. But this product is just horrid. Barely got a few weeks use before it began to give trouble.

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