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The Acer Iconia One 7 is a tablet released on April 2014. The Iconia One 7 is a compact package full of media fun. With a bigger-than-phablet display that is both clear and colorful, you get speedy response and hours of battery life to keep things going. We’ve also included our Kids Center platform with lots of cool kid’s stuff that parents can control.

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Why my acer tab refuse to turn on?

hii guys so I had my acer iconia one 7 b1-750 tab for about 1 day and today I pressed the power button to much as a result it was forced to shutdown ( battery was 15% and charging ) now it refuse to turn on . it has been 4 hours and nothing works . please help me . I don't know what to do :'( :'(

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I have no clue why it happens because the same happend to me aboit 4 hours ago and I tried Everything

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well oh well dumd bo

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I got this problem when I did not let the device fully charge the first time I bought one.

Only thing that worked to fix it was to do a full reset, and leave the device completely shut down, while plugged in over night.

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I would also advise contacting the manufacturer via the information that came with the box.

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