HMDX Jam HX-P230 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker manufactured and released by the HMDX Company in 2012. Also known as JAM classic portable speaker.

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How do I bypass charging port?

The charging port is damaged and was wondering if there was any way on bypassing it

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Where do you find pin 1 and pin 5 on the chargering port


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Lidia Ascencio, not quite sure what you mean by bypassing. You will need some port in order to charge the battery. I would suggest a charging cable, cut the micro USB end off and solder the wires to the contacts on the port. Of course, if you can find a replacement port, unsolder the old one and replace with a new one. Using this guide you can actual get to the connector.

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Open the unit and solder pin 1 to negative and pin 5 with positive to a cable or jack... supply it with 5v 1a or 6v 3a max

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