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GoPro Hero 4 Black Complete Freeze

The camera will not connect to my computer. And I cannot access it via wifi, as I cannot turn the wifi on.

Because every time I press the shutter button, the camera freezes completely and must be shut off before it will do anything else. But the problem simply repeats itself no matter what I try.

I cannot update the software, nor check the contents of the camera.

Is there anything I can do?

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well i have an issue with my hero black. it keeps freezing plus i can pink film on the photos. also the videos are damaged now and it's useless. used the camera few times since the date of purchase but the warranty doesn't apply any more. i contacted gopro support and they said it's a manufacturer fault and you need to buy a new one i which i will never do it again.

have anyone faced similar issues like that and if yes what did you do.


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Very good

Thanks 03/07/2017 Jafar

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Replacement board bought from ifixit, still having old 2.0 firmware. Board will freeze after a short while. Unable to update firmware, once the SD card is inserted, the LCD only showing 'Busy'

Pretty sure it's not the camera sensor as everything was working fine, except that my previous USB port was out, hence this replacement.

video here:

Does anyone have any solution?

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did you ever find a solution

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Dear Jorge Vallejo

I had logged my problem to, they are suspected that the mainboard they send it to me previously was problem. They will ship out the new mainboard to me soon. Will update back once i received it.

Regarding my previous problem, its strange because i can update my firmware right after turning ON with a firmware file loaded in the SDcard. But after that it will freeze randomly whenever i try to record or capture the picture. Even if i ON it with no SDcard in it, it will freeze shortly. I wonder why...

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Faced the same issue. It started a year ago. I tried a lot of things without success. However about 2 months ago I decided that it can not be wors and disassembly the cambera (it is hero 4 black) completly. I clean up all contacts, used new thermal paste for CPU and other chips and then it started working again without any problem. But yesterday it started to freez again. So I did the same things but when assembly it back I forgot to plug the sensor. And it freez. After plugging the sensor and checked its contacts the camera started working wll again. So I think the problem with freezing is in sensor or its ribbon (cause when I did this first time 2 months ago I saw that the sensor was not so strong plugged).

Try to unplug camera's sensor, clean up contacts and make sure it is plugged good and its ribbon is not damaged.

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dear mike, thanks for your advise, i will try to replace the thermal paste and do the contact cleanup, will update here back the result shortly.

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It's THE SENSOR YES!!! I was trying for half a year to fix my broken and freezing gopro! Even ordered a replacement motherboard from iFixit. Nothing helped. Today I have received a replacement sensor and IT WORKED! Finally! Thanks to iFixit and you guys! Nowhere else I found a clue it could be sensor problem. Everyone kept saying - try different SD card. XD

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Hello, which sensor did you buy? Can you give me the link please?

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Ako, just type "gopro 4 black image sensor" in search engine. I bought it on Ebay for $50, since iFixit does not sell it. Now, as I see, they are being sold for $63

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haha... so that the price goes up like rocket already todate. i also still searching for that sensor, like to buy from ebay/ALiExpress but not now. hope the price will turn down soon, hope my pocket still full at that time hahahaa

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polsar, I wonder if this could be a SD card issue. Try a Lexar High-Performance MicroSDXC 633x 64GB UHS-I/U3 (Up to 95MB/s Read) which is recommended from Gopro.

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i tried 4 sd cards till now and still the same issue

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This as the most common problem faced my all customers! Get your camera replaced from gopro! And remember one thing don't update or use any of setting option like formating Sd from camera! Because thats the point where all problems start

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What if you are out of the warranty period. GoPro says SOL!!!

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I have not updated anything and tried a new card and it still freeze up. I have a gopro 4 silver.

Everything that I see is the image sensor that I will try now.

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