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touch sensitivity on and off after water damage

Hello my iphone 5 was soaked in june of this year and i opened it up and dried it, but some water was still stuck under the screen. I could turn it on and see the water inside the screen like the screen was lighter in the areas with water. Anyway, today I fixed the charger port for this iphone, charged it, and it was working fine for about 10 minutes and then the touch sensitivity gave up on me again. any tips? what do i need to replace ?

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Water leaves lots of nasty stuff behind which causes corrosion over time. Think about a car battery and how the terminals grow green stuff over time. Without a proper water damage recovery service from a shop you will have long lasting effects from the water damage. Chances are that this was so long ago that the corrosion has caused permanent damage to either the connector where the LCD and Digitizer attach or the touch IC has been compromised. Take it to a shop and have it cleaned properly which includes removing the EMI shields, and possible replacing a few components.

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