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LG Optimus F7 submerged, now dry. Everything works but...

I have an LG Optimus F7 that got wet. Completely submerged. I was quick to get the battery out, pull the back cover off and spun it to get as much water out as possible. (Manual spinning dropping onto a pillow.) Took it apart completely and let it sit in rice for 24 hours.

Now, it powers up, loads up, checks the SIM and SD cards fine. Shows I have both wifi and cell signal (Full strength on wifi and 4 bars on cell signal) yet it refuses to allow me to receive or make calls. Oh and the "flash" LED stays on and doesn't react to the software telling it what to do. But that isn't really required.

All connections were wiped clean and I put a tiny amount of conductive grease on the leads. Phone works perfectly but won't make calls. It's acting like the sim is malfunctioning but when I pull it the phone knows it isn't there. Which tells me it should be okay.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Two things you do not want to do. First using rice for any kind of cleaning after liquid immersion. It is absolutely useless and does not fix anything. you will have to clean your phone properly. Second using "conductive grease on the leads" can get you in a world of trouble if you get any grease on anything else. there is not need for that and it may just create a short circuit. What you do want to do is to disassemble your phone and clean every part properly as well as replacing the battery.

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Well, you told me that everything I did to get it in working order was wrong. Then gave me a rather generic *clean it* answer. Not helpful at all.......

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Have you tried an ultrasonic bath?

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