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Repair guides and support for the Nikon D800 and D800E digital SLR cameras announced in February 2012.

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Replacing / Repairing the HDMI port


I recently had a little mishap with my camera and managed to stumble on the HDMI cable while it was plugged into the camera. The cable was jerked out of the socket sideways damaging the pins inside the socket. Is there a way to replace the HDMI port on this camera?

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2 Respuestas

Yes, check out microtools , they have them on there.. however its possible you messed up the PCB as well, in that case its connected to the main pcb which is a Nikon only repair due to programming issues.

Also if you attempt to replace, and it looks like poop, Nikon will kick it back for tamper damage and not repair at all.

Good luck

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please give the elink to microtools

- de

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