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Flip Ultra HD es una videocámara digital de Pure Digital / Cisco, descontinuada en 2011

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How I reset my flip video camera

sir my cam not working propely i have problem in swiitch on my cam can i reset it

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2 Respuestas

1. Use the Power Button

One of the simplest methods for resetting the Flip video camera is to simply press and hold the device’s power button for about 10 seconds. This will automatically reset the camera, although it will also interrupt any current actions.

2. Use the Reset Button

Rather than using the hard reset of pressing the camera’s power button, consider utilizing the reset option of the device. Because the reset is a small hold inside the camera’s tripod mount, it will be necessary to use a pin or other long, thin accessory to reach it. This reset button needs to be held for approximately five seconds, followed by pressing and holding the power button for an additional five seconds. This combination of buttons will effectively reset the camera.

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But sir I don't found any place to isert a pin in the tripod hole.....and

M also trying with power button but no working...plz help me

- de

I keep doing that but it keeps doing the same thing the screen is black and it says ready but it won't take a video when I push the red button

- de

inthat case I can't help you, but do you know the exact name of your flip vidro camara (modelL

- de

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I had a problem of the flip not reporting the correct memory free. I plugged it into my PC where it was recognised as a USB device. I copied the FLip files (about 152Mb) to a temp folder then reformatted the Flip using Format -> Quickformat -> FAT32 with the default settings. I then copied the Flip files back to the drive. It now works fine. I hope this helps others :-)

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