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The Lumia 530's specs are just enough to fulfill basic functionality like social communications and entertainment.

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How to replace Sim Card reader

Hi, i broke a tooth of sim card reader and i'd like to replace it. How can i do?

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3 Respuestas

You must replace the whole logic board.

It's sad, but very easy to do.

Get the part from iFixIt, mine only cost 9£, and just follow their steps. You'll need Torx screw drivers sizes 5 and 6.

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Try to find either an unlocked board, or one for your same carrier, otherwise once replaced you'll need to unlock the board.

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hello, you just need to replace the sim card reader, you need soldering skills, but it's not a difficult work if you have experience. search on eBay "nokia (model ecc) sim card reader" and you will see what I'm talking about. You DONT need to replace motherboard, its incredibly stupid.

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How can i run imessage on this phone?

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