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The HTC Desire 816 features a 5.5-inch display with a 1280x720 resolution, 13 mp rear facing camera and HTC BoomSound.

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dropped my htc 816 &screen broken?

i dropped my htc 816 the screen went dark(turned off almost), but i still can use the touch screen randomly(i cant see anything on the screen ) i even can answer phone calls, also the side buttons, speakers and mic is still working properly.


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youssef sami, at minimum you knocked the backlight out. The touch still works because the digitizer is ok. I would suggest to open the phone up to make sure that all cables are still properly seated. If they are, and if you cannot find any other damage on the logicboard, replace the display.

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Check if the lights in the lower panel are lit up(ie: the bottom screen) if that is the case use your Palm tap the middle part of your phone on the back this should connect the screen back on . Unfortunately if you don't see the lights that means your screen has disconnected and you need to get it rerepaired at a phone centre or you could just check out YouTube videos for reconnecting the screen .


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idk what happend to mine all ik is that its really glichey

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