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Lanzado el 28 de agosto de 1995. Procesador de 33MHz.

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open firmware on PowerBook 190

How can i boot into the open firmware of a PowerBook 190? I've tried the Cmd+Option+O+F command but it doesn't do anything

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Here's everything you ever wanted to know about open firmware on System 9;

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If I'm not mistaken the 190 is a 68K machine and does not have open firmware. + for research. Ralph

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Ralph, If I remember correctly it was a 33MHz 68LC040 processor. Which means you're right about the 68k cpu, I just don't remember about the open firmware.

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I was afraid of that... Do you know of anyway to get around the startup disk issue. The exact message is "This startup disk will not work with this Macintosh model. Use the latest installer to update this disk for this model." with a restart button. The computer was working fine but one day it just locked up, shut off, and now this happens everytime it turns on. Also, the hardware seems to be okay as the little happy Mac picture comes up when it turns on too.

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What startup disk are you trying to use? What other system disks are available to you?

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As far as I know it should still have the hard disc set as the startup disc (I'm not entirely sure though, I'm not as familiar with a Mac this old). And at the moment, I don't have any system discs that are compatible (as it only has a floppy drive and no way to connect a dvd drive)

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