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The BlackBerry Z10 is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by BlackBerry, previously known as RIM.

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My blackberry z10 only the red LED lights

my blackberry z10 does not turn you connect the charger and only the red LED turns on and does nothing more. Remove the battery and measures just 2 volts. After charging for more than two hours measured again and the same. according to the specifications of measuring 3.8 volts, if anyone can help me with that

change the software but can not because the PC does not recognize

the model is STL100-3

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very similar situation:

blackberry z10 have shut down suddenly and will not turn a more. Only the red LED lights up, but makes two flashes every 30 seconds. Replacing the battery gave nothing. If anyone can help me with this.

a computer does not recognize the device in any way.

STL100-1 model

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If you can not get at least 3.8v out of the battery, then you will need to order a new one. A lot of phones will not power on by the charger alone, a working battery has to be there.

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hello sir blackberry z10 charging out 3.8 vol no set dead give soluyion plz help me sir

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I have a bb q10 it's not booting up it just flash red light and displays blackberry and repeat the process and write I have changed the battery still it didn't work,reloaded the os all the same. Pls any help thanks.

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hello sir blackberry z10 charging out 3.8 vol no set dead give soluyion plz help me sir

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Hi uche ... you should download firmware pangue ..

then (1) open it (2) connect ur device (3) and restart ur device (4)then leave it {green light} till it arrive 100% .. firmeware will close and your device will open auto

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My BlackBerry z10 is just giving! me a solid red

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