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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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iPod keeps rebooting after battery change

Hey everybody!

After changing the hard-drive (along with the cable) and the battery on our iPod classic 160GB (A1238) the thing will start to boot for like 3 seconds, then stop (with a click), go black, and do it again from the top.

No chance to work it with iTunes or anything.

When i opened it again to see whats what, i noticed two things: The hard-drive cable wasn't properly in place in the motherboards' socket, and, more importantly, the socket in which the battery-cable connects came right off the its place.

I was working VERY carefully, using no real force at all.

I'm afraid i killed it nonetheless, or is there any way i can fix this power-socket thing?

Can one replace an iPod-Logic-Board??

Grateful for any hint,


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Jens Hotter, it is a bit tricky since the connector is an SMD part, but it can be done. It is soldered on top of the board. This requires some special skills, but it is doable. Check this video for more insight. You can get the part from places like this. If you are not sure about your skills of getting it done, you might just want to try a TV repair shop and see if they can do it for you. If you have the part and the board out of your iPod, it should be straight forward and not to expensive. Make sure that the cost for the part and the repair do not exceed the cost for a new logic board, so I would think no more than $50 together. Hope this helps, good luck.

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