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Repair guides and support for the third generation of C/K pickup trucks.

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engin knock while driving but not while it idles

I have a 1987 chevy r10 when the pickup is setting at idle it runs good but when you are driving the truck as a knock like the lifter are rattling what is causing this and why

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Does the knock increase when you increase the rev's while in park? what engine size is it?


it don't knock while in park just when your driving


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There can be many reasons . One the rod bearings are knocking when loaded and will soon be knocking all the time as they wear more.Could be a hydraulic lifter that's going solid. not quit there yet but wont be long. could also be the rocker arms on the valves are beginning to wear. Could be something simple like carbon knock . A piece of carbon has come loose in a cylinder head and is making the knock. Hope this gives you some things to look for and good luck with your fix

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