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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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Is there a repair facility you can strongly recommend?

Hi, I need to have my iPod Classic 160 GB repaired, and though you have a very excellent teardown how-to for numerous issues, I do have a 3-year Square Trade warranty so I would prefer to have someone do it who's a 'crack' expert (no pun intended) at repairing it.

Is there a business or facility in the Los Angeles area that you could strongly recommend or know of?

I believe the issue is the click-wheel as first it was not working on the forward button, now I can't even get into the Diagnostic Mode on it to verify/confirm if it is the click-wheel or possibly the hard drive. I can do very limited things with the click wheel.

The other thing is, I bought this new in December but only started using it in April, so there has not been heavy use on my part.

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Square Trade has done very well by me. They haven't repaired anything but they have returned my money on both claims, but shipping costs were prohibitive.

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Thanks for the reply....I also had had a phone repaired through Squaretrade but for this iPod I was actually interested in if anyone knew of a top-notch repair facility in the Los Angeles area to recommend based on their experience(s).


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