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Unable to beat dark screen of MacBook Pro


Em using os-x 10.9.5 on macbook pro probably md 2012

Few days back when i woke up from sleep

My macbook pro wont turn on

At that time I had no idea what happened.

I tried to restart but no improvemnt.

Over next couple of days i tried to troubleshoot. I found out that:

1- my laptop is actually working and em able to see screen with

some effort by placing a flash lite on apple logo

2- smc reset was of no uze. Adapter light flickered but screen didnt show any life

3- same with pram reset

4- after i was able to see the screen i reached setting and turned brightness to full but no uze

5- i deled plist logon file and restarted macbook but no uze

I dnt have app store here in my country and for past three days em trying to call apple but call doesnt connect.

If somebody can give any other tip? How can i find out if its hardware prblm?

Any help os appreciated

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Open machine and find the 820 number written on your logic board. From there we will fix whatever got broken from whatever was spilled on it.

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