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How to replace Asus Laptop N550LF plastic hinge cover?


I have Asus N550LF laptop which has the plastic hinge cover broken.

Ordered replacement OEM plastic cover, but unable to get it placed correctly.

Could you please provide instructions on how to replace the hinge cover?

Many Thanks in advance for helping me.



Attached the replacement part and place to fix it

Block Image

replacement part

Block Image

place to fix it

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Could someone please help in fixing this issue?


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a premise:

the correct procedure to remove the hinge cover without breaking the little teeth is to carefully slide it to the left (so the teeth get free/unlocked) and then pull it away.

So, to install a new hinge cover, you have to first align it to the left and push it in, then slide it to the right.

Hope it helps :-).

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should the laptop be opened or closed when replacing? Also, which portion is considered the top?


The laptop must be opened.

Top is the display, bottom is the keyboard :-).


I have a555l asus hinge cover has broken can it be replace at service center ..laptop is in warranty


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