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No low battery warning

I installed a new battery and calibrated it. But it doesn't give me a low battery warning and shuts off at 10%. I looked up the problem and reset my smc. Any One else have this problem and a way to fix it?t

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Any new hints to solve this issue? I face the same problem with a new battery bought from ifixit in my MacBook Pro (mid 2010). I keeps shutting off at 7% without a low battery warning even after calibrating the battery, resetting the smc and trying a new battery.


Same problem her. MacBook PRO Mid 2012. Show 13% and then turn off without any warning. This happened after change off the battery (New iFixit) and try every different SMC resets.


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Knockoff battery, common for older machines. It will be hard to find a new, original battery.

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Haha but I got this from ifixit, what do you think I should do?


I'm having a similar issue with my replacement battery from ifixit where my MacBook Pro shutdown when the indication is 40%


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