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Electronic doll produced by Wicked Cool Toys in 2017. The bear is able to move its LED eyes and mouth to ‘read’ stories to children.

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Audio sounds kinda fuzzy.

Every time I turn Teddy Ruxpin on, the audio that plays through him buzzes in a fuzzy way. What should I do?

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Either replace the speaker, replace the motors inside the cassette player, or (if you have a Teddy IV or Playskool Teddy) replace the drive belts.

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Where I can buy the new speaker ?

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Also I have the Interactive Story Buddy Teddy bear Cooper , The speaker don't work all the connection are good and connected. He no making any sound or talk , no turn on New batteries . The probably the speaker don't work or the board don't work How I can buy the new one? any answer to this little cute teddy bear work , Thanks

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