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Restore error 14 or 1671 after inverting screws

Hi guys,

I replaced my screen once, and I think I may have damaged it while replacing, by forcing it too much. Anyway it doesn't mind.

I thought it could be the screws position placed wrong here:


Then, I opened the phone again and inverted the screws position, putting the bigger on the smaller place, now the phone was damaged I think.

Tried to turn it on, had that blue screen and then the boot loop.

I put the screws back to the original place, however the screen was gone (tested the old screen and it was working) and the phone is on DFU mode: I cannot get off it

When I try to restore i have error 14 on my pc. One of my mates got error 1671 as well.

I tried to restore it by many ways, but none successful. One thing that I didn't try yet was to restore on a Mac, but I don't think I will able to revive the phone by doing this.

The question is: is my phone damaged and gone (as the logic board is too expensive) or is there any chance to get it back?

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Unfortunately, you may have cause permanent damage to the unit by inverting screws.

You can take a look at the price of the 5s board right here and see if it suits your wallet :

iPhone 5s Logic Board

If you tried different cables, computers and itunes installation and you still have those messages, the issue is most likely to be linked to the hardware.

Last recommendation would be to manually download the ISPW file and Shift Click the restore button to select it and see if that kind of restore would work, but I really doubt it will.


Imagen iPhone 5s Logic Board


iPhone 5s Logic Board


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Ok. So the majority of people are right. It definitely sounds like you've hurt your logic board, pretty bad. You can buy one from ifixit. THEYRE PRETTY GOOD THAT WAY. However, it's not you're only option. You can mail it to Jessa Jones. She's like a Demi-God. Or maybe even another repair shop like that. You can get your board repaired, and keep it, just the way it was

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A new logic board is probably going to be your best (only) bet on that. If you can fix that kind of damage then you are more skilled than I am.

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Probably it's "long screw damage" to logic board, typical damage when screw is put too deep and damage cooper tracks on logic board. Its possible to fix by soldering in jumpers to reconnect them back together, but its a job for a "pro". Check youtube , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzlsG1M1...

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I think you got it, but it is hard as !&&* to get someone that could do a job like this, specially because it will require a microscope. :-(


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