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Released in June 23, 2013, the Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5206 is equipped with Windows 8 for all your portable computing needs.

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Toshiba C55D-A5344 Customer has had a child put bios "boot password"

Bios "Boot password" is present on system.

Looking for the Jumpers on this particular model, Windows 8.1 system. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Decided to try once again, I had suspected Jumper labeled B500 was the culprit and in an older iteration of the same type of problem I had remembered that just shorting the two pins was not enough but rather to short from a jumper pad to the -Neg solder joint on the RAM mount... VOILA! Here is a picture of the motherboard and the two pins to jump... You're welcome!!

Block Image

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Gracias amigo tenia ese problema y gracias a ti lo solucione, funciono en el segundo intento y quedo sin contraseña la bios (Toshiba satellite C55D-A5201)

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hi saiber,

what did you use to jump these 2 points?

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I used a paperclip, you can either use a paperclip or a short piece of wire. It's a bit tricky to hold it while powering it on but totally doable. If you have someone who can power it on while you hold it then it will be a bit easier. Good luck!

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If this helps you then please vote for my answer. Have a good day!

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I just tried this on a C55-A5105 and I cannot get it to work. I was jumping just the B500 first and then tried connecting one or both of those pins to the pad next to the memory, but the password keeps coming up. I gave up and ordered a replacement motherboard. Stupid computers.

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