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La GoPro Hero3Plus Black Edition se puede identificar por su número de modelo: CHDHX-302. Es una cámara de octava generación que se lanzó en octubre de 2013. La GoPro Hero3Plus Black Edition es una videocámara digital con resolución Wi-Fi y 4K.

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HDMI port has caved in. How do I fix it?

My HDMI port broke and needs to be repaired. I'm not sure if I am going to have to solder the connections or just use some crazy glue. Im scared, actually terrified of tearing it down then realizing that I cant fix it with my limited knowledge of and experience with soldering very small connections, and etc. Anyone that can give me any advice at all concerning this would be greatly appreciated.

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There is a take apart video of a fellow that had the same problem with the USB connector. When his disassemble his cam and got to it, the pads were lifted from the motherboard and because of the compactness of it, there is no way to repair that. A new mobo will solve the problem.

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Mobo ? What's a Mobo ?

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Oh ok I'm not sure if I am going to replace the entire motherboard that sounds expensive

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mishmael, remove the logic board by using this guide. That is the easy part, the hard part will be to source the port and find somebody that can microsolder. I'd try places like Digikey or Mouser to try and find a replacement. There is plenty of space to solder for the right person. No you cannot use crazy glue. If you want to go and replace the motherboard, it is available right here

Imagen de GoPro Hero3 Black Motherboard


GoPro Hero3 Black Motherboard


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The parts are fine the port is in great shape just need to micro solder but I'm also terrified of opening it up

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mishmael254 got to start somewhere to repair it. If you do not think you can do it, check some of the numerous GoPro repair service centers online.

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