The second generation HTC One—dubbed the HTC One (M8)—features a dual flash and the new Sense 6 UI, and was released March 25, 2014.

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Bad Wifi reception after LCD replacement

I bought a HTC One M8 with cracked screen. Today i replaced the LCD and i notice very bad wifi reception. Did i damage something or forgot something?

I don't know where the wifi connector is located, and can't seem to find the answer on the internet.

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I have the same problem now. If you know what to do, please write it down


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The problem is that you simply forgot to install the reinforced tape signal for Wi - Fi.

see photo ===>>

WiFi fix

Thank you

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Also this can be caused by damaged antenna connector or cable in case anyone wanted to know, but most of the time like you said forgot to put back the Wifi antenna cable.


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