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Why Will The Logic Board Not Go In?

Hi, I am replacing the screen and home button of my iPhone 4. I dismantled fine, no problems, but I cannot get the logic board to go back in the phone. There is a small gap between the back of the logic board and the phone. The logic board bends and flexes if you try and push it in the middle.

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Make sure that the battery removal flap and all of the connectors are out of the way. Also remember to place the logic board in top first and that it slips under the top lip of the chassis.

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I am using this i fixit guide : iPhone 4 Home Button Replacement.

It may be worth mentioning that I found it tricky getting the speaker enclosure to stay down, as it kept popping out. It is now held in well at one end by a screw, but at the end that it joins with the logic board, the logic board has to go in before you install the screw. As a result of this the speaker enclosure is slightly out at one end.


I added all of the screws and gently applied pressure until it went down. iPhone now works. Cheers.


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