Life Play, by Blu, released in April 2013, also known as BLU100a or BLU100i, depending on the 3G frequencies it gets.

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Why is my phone camera icon missing?

my phone camera icon suddenly went missing, so i tried going to my "Gallery" and clicking on the camera icon at the top right corner, just to find that i could only use the front camera and the "switch camera" option is missing. i tried using other camera apps but only the front camera worked, HELP!

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If your rooted and flashed a custom rom you may have uninstalled it by accident. Easy to fix though, just reflash your rom and your good to go. Hope that helps. If you need more help with it just let me know.

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whats a rom?


What's a ROM and how do u find it


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i have a samsung s5610 my problem with this phone is that the camera icon is lost from a menu and the side buttun thats do nithing can you please help for me to sold this problem please sing norbert

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