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Why is my alienware M17X display flickering


I have a M17X laptop from late 2013. My display is flickering when moved in different orientations. Initially i thought it was a screen issue so i disconnected the power and display connection to the screen. After cleaning and reseating the issue still occurred. Could it be a loose or defective cable in the screen or could it be a issue with the video card?

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Yes . you are correct, fault con be coming from Video card, LCD cable and LCD as well

Trace it,

  • Check the graphic configuration set it to default level and see whats going on if same fault observed,
  • Connect you M17X to external Display and check any sign of flickering

if yes - fault coming from your Graphic chip

if no - you can determined LCD or Display cable make the trouble and both of coming together and you can the Display with cable

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Thank you for the confirmation. I had re assembled the LCD and remounted it to confirm the fix was not GPU related.

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