Rear controls and LCD screen nonfunctional

I modified my camera by replacing the internal ir/uv filter to convert the camera to a fullspectrum camera. However in the process I did something, so that the rear controls and LCD do not work at all. I tried replacing all of the connetions multiple times to no avail.

I was wondering if I need to replace the LCD and the button circuits because I damaged the ribbon cables or if there is a problem with the main circuit board. I know that the camera still takes pictures,does live view, adjusts the ISO, etc because it still works with tethering to a laptop. If anyone knows what the problem is or knows how to test for either or other scenarios, I would be very appreciative.

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if you remove the new part does it work? sometimes these things won't recognise an incompatible part….

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I have this problem although with me it's only the display that's not working. I believe the problem to be the 40 pin connector for the display.

I have a question on this web site already, but as yet no answer, when I have sorted out my problem I'll let you know.


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