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-EF Lente de montaje -Rango de apertura: f/3.5-36 -Estabilización óptica de imagen -Motor de enfoque automático ultrasónico -Sistema de enfoque interno -Manual de anulación de enfoque Distancia de enfoque mínima constante: 20" -72mm Diámetro de la rosca del filtro

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Canon 28-135 f/4.0 IS USM Lens resist on turning

Hey guys

i totally no idea why does my lens resist on twisting whenever i zoom in or zoom out, i does require a certain amount of force just to twist the barrel of the lens.

how to fix this?

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I have the same problem and it has gotten worse to the point that the lens is almost unusable

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Hello Jan!

if the barrel is broken, you will need to replace it and additionally buy the CANON EF 28-135MM F 3.5-5.6 IS BASE ZOOMING GUIDE by $6 USD

i EXPECT can be usefully my answer.

good luck!

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The same thing happened to my lens and I tried to zoom in and zoom out forcefully and suddenly it snapped and a ring broke in my lens so don't try to apply force. I watched this video on YouTube to fix my lens but I seriously advise you to get it fixed if you don't want to try to fix it by yourself still I am copying the link to the video. Hope this helps.

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my lens is stuck at 135, i mean it believes that is at 135 even though i am at 28, anyone knows something about that?

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It could be that the lens threads are out of position with a slightly bent lens.

This has helped me getting it fixed, maybe that also helps others

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