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This Firestrike Elite Blaster was released in 2013. In addition to its plunger activated firing setup, it features laser guided aim. The blaster originally came in blue, white, gray, and orange but a second color scheme features orange, white, and gray.

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The trigger doesn't do anything.

Whenever I pull the main trigger on this gun, nothing happens, even when I have primed the gun.

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2 Respuestas

There is most likely a broken piece of plastic in the trigger assembly. I would just buy another one if I were you.

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The issue might be that the trigger is stuck due to some residue or dirt getting lodged in the trigger slot. You can solve this problem by removing the trigger and cleaning it with soap and water. If it turns out the trigger is actually broken, you will have to get a replacement trigger. Refer to the troubleshooting page.

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