An automatic drip coffee maker, manufactured beginning in 2010, by Mr. Coffee. Also identified by model numbers BVMC-SJX36GT and BVMC-SJX36GTWM.

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Why does it take so long for my coffee to brew?

My coffee brews at a very slow pace.

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The most likely reason for your coffee maker's slow brewing pace is that it needs to be cleaned. Water from your tap can build up calcium and minerals deposits in your coffee maker and make it brew slowly.

To clean, run a solution of vinegar and water at a 1:1 ratio through your coffee maker: set it up to brew a full 12 cups (6 cups vinegar and 6 cups water). After you run this through your coffee maker, run two full cycles of plain water.

You should repeat this process every 40-80 brews, depending on how quickly your coffee maker builds up these minerals.

If you've cleaned your coffee maker and the problem still persists, you probably have a clogged valve. Coffee grinds can sometimes get trapped in the valve and make the coffee brew slowly. This device has a valve replacement guide that may be of use to you. Instead of replacing the valve, simply remove it and wash it out. Be sure to replace the valve in the correct direction when you replace it in the how water tube.

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I just fixed my maker. Tried the clean with vinegar thing but that did not work. Took it apart. Meaning I took the base off ( well partway - enough to pull the cover back to get to the guts. ) Discovered a small piece of paper towel stuck in the intake hose right where the small valve is located. I remembered when my sister was visiting she could not find my coffee basket filter and used a paper towel instead. I removed that, put it back together and works great now. It was fun. Try it.

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