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How to prime aperkins diesel

describe the steps to prime fuel system?

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Mine has hand pump have got fuel coming out I thinking have a wiring problem need all help I can get thankyou

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@edthehead what model is your Perkins? What are the issues with it?

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Does it have an electric or mechanical fuel pump? Electric or mechanical injectors? The old school way was to loosen the fittings on the injectors to bleed the air out. Crank the engine over till fuel flows. Once fuel flows out all 4, 6, or 8 fuel tubes you tighten the fittings and clean up. Then it should be ready to go. Electric pumps, if they are even used, are much easier to prime. Turn the key on and the pump will run till it builds pressure then shuts off. Turn off the key and SLOWLY and CAREFULLY open the fitting to bleed off the air at each injector or at the end of the fuel supply tube.

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Thank you it has a Manuel pump 1972 perkins3cyc. Ed the head

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