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Released on April 2014, this 16 GB Oppo Find 7a is the cheaper version of the Oppo Find 7. To distinguish the Find 7a from the 7, remove the back panel as well as the battery. There should be two serial number stickers that say X9000 where the battery lies flush to the phone.

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change lens back camera

How can i change the lens of the back camera of my oppo find 7a??

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It isn't very hard. You can buy lens replacement on aliexpress or another Chinese site. To replace lens you have to follow these steps:

1. Take out back cover

2. Remove battery

3. Remove SD card

4. Remove all Phillips screws from back of the phone (some might be hidden under rubber caps - see other guides with photos .

5. Pry open the internal back chassis starting from a place near power button (credit card is a great tool for it. Don't use anything metal)

6. The lens is glued to the part you just pried open.

9. Detach the lens (well in fact it is a glass cover with UV filter) by applying some force from internal side of the back chassis to the glass - it should be quite easily pushed outside of the back chassis

10. The replacement lens should come with a glue ring.

11. Apply the glue ring to the side of the lens marked by white dot. Be careful to align it properly before applying. You don't want to make lens dirty, especially from the side facing internals of the phone.

12. Put the lens in the hole, glue down.

13. If required clean the lens from inside. You won't be able to do it later. Make sure there is no trace of glue, dirt, smudges or dust particles.

14. Put the back chassis in place. Press it until it clicks in place.

15. Reapply the screws

16. Insert SD card

17. Insert battery

18. Reattach back cover

Congrats, you just did great!

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